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NHS Orkney is the smallest health board in Scotland, with a budget of circa £36 million. With its headquarters in Kirkwall, NHS Orkney is responsible for providing a comprehensive health service for the island communities.  NHS Orkney employs over 700 staff with a wide range of general and specialist skills.  

It is an exciting time to join NHS Orkney when we are in the planning process of developing a new Care Campus which will include a new Rural General Hospital build, Primary Care facilities, Dental facilities, integrated Care Home and support service buildings and infrastructure. 

As an employer we ensure we have clear policies in place including a work-life balance policy and a variety others in place to support staff throughout every stage of their employment. We have an excellent Occupational Health Service and actively seek measures to promote staff health and wellbeing. NHS Orkney ensure staff are treated fairly with dignity and respect and works hard to create and environment where people enjoy working and giving their best.

NHS Orkney's vision is simply to improve the health and lives of people living in Orkney.

Our Services

The Balfour Hospital is situated near the centre of Kirkwall. It is a small community hospital with up to 70 beds and includes a maternity service, Day Surgery and an Assessment and Rehabilitation ward.The current Hospital is one of the designated Rural General Hospitals in Scotland with visiting and specialist services coming predominantly from NHS Grampian and NHS Highland.

NHS Orkney and Orkney Islands Council are currently working together to improve and develop social care, community health and wellbeing to provide the best possible care for people in Orkney, wherever they live and whatever their circumstances.

NHS Orkney is working with its remote Island Communities to develop a sustainable Primary Care model that reflects the health needs of each island, in some islands this is the traditional GP and Community Nurse model and in others it is a resident Nurse Practitioner with advanced practice skills supported by a visiting GP model. 

To find out more visit www.ohb.scot.nhs.uk

Our Area

Lying off the north-east coast of Scotland, Orkney is made up of a group of some one hundred islands but only 17 of these are inhabited.The total population of Orkney is just under 20,000 with 4/5th of them living on the Mainland of Orkney and linked islands. Kirkwall, with a population of 7,500 people is the administrative centre of Orkney with a good mix of shops, including well-known chain stores, supermarkets, leisure facilities and small local businesses.  All outer islands are accessible by ferry on a daily or weekly basis with some being accessible by air as well. The Gulf Stream passes close by giving Orkney a surprisingly temperate climate.  The days are short and dark in winter, but in the summer it is possible to read a newspaper or play a round of golf at midnight in the long, light nights of June and July.  

Outside of the NHS, the main occupation of the people is farming, the landscape reflecting the hard work of generations of farmers and the fertility of the land. Agriculture is the main industry of the islands and generates some £30 million per year, followed closely by tourism and oil. And fishermen compete with seals and sea birds to enjoy something of the rich bounty provided by the surrounding seas. Orkney is at the forefront of the renewable energy drive in the UK. Wind turbines are dotted around the islands and wave energy research is on-going.

As an employer within a small community, we are proud of our heritage, the area, history and traditions, and proud of the service we provide to the people of Orkney. To find out more visit www.visitorkney.com

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For all enquiries about medical vacancies in NHS Orkney, please contact our Recruitment Team.