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About NHS Fife

Join us, and you’ll discover that continuous improvement is a motif of NHS Fife.

Take Victoria Hospital, in Kirkcaldy. Here, in one of our largest facilities, we recently opened a new wing in which all of our acute services – A&E, the children’s unit, our maternity services, intensive care, plus surgical and medical wards – are housed.

Then look at Adamson Hospital, in Cupar, which we’ve redeveloped to include a new physiotherapy department and an out–patient department (with a minor injuries unit and a treatment room). What’s more, we’re also transforming services at Queen Margaret Hospital, in Dunfermline, where we’re developing a state-of-the-art diagnostic centre.

Being smaller, we can offer our consultants an early route into management, perhaps much earlier than they could expect elsewhere. And the flat hierarchy means that they have the autonomy to influence the direction – in both a strategic and operational sense – that their hospital takes.

But many of our consultants will tell you a much more straightforward reason for why they came here: that they can really get to know their patients. Which prompts us to ask you: how many of your colleagues in their big-city hospitals can say the same?

Take a quick look at what our hospitals have to offer:

  • Victoria Hospital in Kirkcaldy is one of the two primary hospitals in Fife, to which a new wing was recently added. There’s also a Maggie's Centre next door, shaped like a prism, and designed by Zaha Hadid – her first completed building in the UK
  • Queen Margaret Hospital in Dunfermline is the other primary hospital in Fife, providing a wide range of services to patients across the region, including minor injuries
  • Adamson Hospital is a small community hospital in Cupar, established 110 years ago, that recently underwent a major redevelopment. It offers inpatient services, plus physiotherapy and occupational therapy, as well as podiatry and dietetics
  • Cameron Hospital is a community hospital near Windygates, offering various services to patients in need of rehabilitation
  • Glenrothes Hospital has 80+ nursing staff and over 60 beds, as well as around 20 day hospital beds, and provides a wide range of services, including speech and language therapy, occupational therapy and dietetics
  • Lynebank Hospital in Dunfermline has 65+ beds and around 135 staff providing a range of services, including art therapy, clinical psychology and inpatient services for people with learning disabilities
  • Randolph Wemyss Memorial Hospital is a community hospital in Buckhaven which provides a range of services including a sexual health clinic and integrated paediatric services
  • St Andrews Community Hospital is a newly relocated facility with close to 100 staff and some 40 inpatient beds. Its wide range of services include GP practices, an outpatients department and a minor injuries unit
  • Stratheden Hospital near Cupar is a community hospital that caters for patients with mental health issues
  • Whytemans Brae Hospital in Kirkcaldy is a community hospital that focuses on elderly patients and those requiring psychiatric care