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Investing for the Future

Over the years the Board has significantly invested in modern hospitals and community facilities and is further committed to doing so through two major capital developments underway.  

Building for Better Care

Building for Better Care, a £27.5m major investment programme, designed to provide modern and fit for purpose facilities at the 'front doors' of the University Hospital Ayr and University Hospital Crosshouse, which will include the development of Combined Assessment Units (CAUs) at both sites, and the redevelopment of Ayr's Emergency Department.  

Whilst offering a new way of working for staff, the CAUs will provide an improved experience for patients, making it possible for them to get rapid assessment by senior clinical staff at the earliest possible point of arrival at hospital. 

Dr Crawford McGuffie, Associate Medical Director, explains "the focus of the CAU will be to provide rapid investigation and senior decision making, provided by a team made up of a range of disciplines - doctors, nurses, pharmacists and Allied Health Professions such as physiotherapists - working together".

The new CAU at Crosshouse is on track to open in Spring 2016.  Liz Moore, Director for Acute Services, explains "this is a fantastic development and work has been progressing well.  The CAU will mean improvements in the way patients are assessed, treated, admitted or safely discharged when they come to hospital in an emergency".

The new state-of-the-art Emergency Department at University Hospital Ayr opened its doors on the 24th of February 2016.  The new Department has four fully functioning resuscitation bays, twice as many as in the old Department, and new additional features are the integrated minor injury unit and dedicated x-ray facility. 

In the run up to the opening, tours were held for staff, and an open day for guests and members of the public.  More than 400 members of staff and the public took the opportunity to see the Department and the new facilities.

North Ayrshire Community Hospital

A £47m major investment programme which will see the development of a 206 en-suite bedroom integrated mental health and community facility, including older people's long term care and rehabilitation.  The development will bring together a full range of outpatient and inpatient facilities.

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