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Health Improvement Scotland

We believe that every person in Scotland should receive the best healthcare possible every time you come into contact with your health service.

Healthcare Improvement Scotland is the national healthcare improvement organisation for Scotland and part of the NHS in Scotland. We work with staff who provide care in hospitals, GP practices, clinics, NHS Boards and with patients, carers, the community and the public. Our work drives improvements in the quality of healthcare people receive by providing quality improvement support to healthcare providers.

An essential ingredient to the success of this work is our staff.  While our staff come from a variety of backgrounds and professional disciplines, the common denominator across our workforce is a drive to improve healthcare.

We regularly seek to recruit for a range of exciting and challenging roles, so if you have the drive and passion to improve healthcare, we want to hear from you.


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For all enquiries about medical vacancies in Health Improvement Scotland, please contact our Recruitment Team.