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Find out more about how to use the search functions on the site.


The search function looks through current vacancies. There are several fields in which you can enter criteria that you can search on:

Job Reference:

Every job advertised has a reference number, used by the employer to identify a particular post advertised. If you know the exact job reference of the post you are looking for, you can type it here and the results will show the job your are looking for.

If you can only remember some of the reference, you can just enter what you can remember and the search will try to find ti for you. If you can remember the reference contains a letter 'a' for example, just type that and all posts which have a reference containing the letter 'a' will be returned. 

You can also use an asterisk '*' as a 'wildcard character' in your searches. The '*' character matches zero or more characters that you're looking for so for example if you can remember a reference has at least three 0's and one 4 in it you could search for '*0004' and it would return a match on jobs references like '00004/212', 0000004/SHOW' or '000.

For example, to search for all job references that start with the letter  'A', you could enter 'A*' in the search field.

To search for all references containing the letter 'A' you could enter '*A*'

Speciality / Keyword:

If you don't know the jobs reference, you can enter keywords in this box to search for posts you're interested in. You can enter several words and they will be combined in your search. All the terms you enter will be searched for so if you search for 'renal' and 'surgery', for example, all the jobs which have either renal, or surgery will be returned. The results are ordered though, so jobs containing 'renal surgery' will be ranked higher and appear first.

Saved searches and registering.

Find out how to save searches and get alerts for jobs that you might be interested in.


In order to save searches, you need to register with the website. To do this, just click on the "Login" link at the top of the screen.